Heaven and Hell: Part II

In the experiential realm of existence, there are many vibrations which vary in quality. In my previous essay, Heaven and Hell Part I, I used the analogy that the higher notes of a scale are liken to the qualities of Heaven, and the lower notes correlate to the qualities of Hell. Or it could be said, when the vibrations being “housed” in the consciousness are higher, one is in Heaven (with God), and when the vibrations being housed are lower, one is in Hell (without God). The use of the word God could be transposed to Universe, Source, Creation, Nature — whatever flavor the ego prefers.

If one were to investigate this notion and find it to be in line with their own experience, this would give them a great deal of power. That is, from the acceptance that everything in this universe is of a certain quality of vibration, one could then begin to discover which vibrations are which — to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. If one were to go into this exploration of vibrations with an even mind, or of a general indifference in regards to the meaning they might assign to specific vibrations (for instance: “this is good and that is bad”), they could eventually become a master of their own reality.

This may seem like an alien notion. But it’s one worth contemplating. If everything in the universe is of a certain “note” on an infinite scale, and each other thing in the universe is of a note relative to all of the others, would it not be beneficial to know which notes produce the experiences associated with Heaven and which with Hell? One could ask themselves, “How do I want to feel?” in each moment, and then choose to interact with, take into themselves, and think and act upon those notes which align with their higher goals. That is, those notes which move them closer to the perspective upon the scale with which they wish to inhabit. Not in the future, but right this very moment. To be a master creator of one’s reality.

If one accepts that the entire universe is of varying qualities of vibrations which depend upon and relate to one another, and chooses not to discover which vibrations are which, relative to his own organism, then he is still a creator of his reality. It’s just that in this scenario, he is an unconscious creator. The reality which this individual will experience will be largely confusing and perhaps frustrating. There will be no awareness of which vibrations yield which experiences within them, and so they will be at the mercy of the various vibrational relationships swirling around them in the form of relative objects, people, food, events, substances, patterns, etc. An endless dance of vibrations which may even be experienced as a sort of chaos. A chaos which this individual has no influence or control over. And so, they are the victim of circumstance. They are powerless.

This lack of awareness of relationship among vibrations may sometimes create an experience of degrees of Heaven, and sometimes degrees of Hell.

I sometimes wonder if the whole oscillating between the two poles is, in and of itself, the function which drives one to discover the underlying nature of of the whole symphony. Out of a sort of desperation, or surrender. Out of the intense desire to escape the experience of being subject to circumstances which are outside of one’s control. In that sense, this oscillating is a perfect recipe for ultimate success. That is, if success were deemed as “realizing oneself as God”. The master of reality. The master of creation itself. The game of oscillation and then finally, after much suffering, the return to Self.

That being said, with the use of discovery and awareness of individual notes of vibration, and the potentiality for utilizing them in order to influence one’s sense of being — evenness of mind is an essential tool. Truly. And this is a very tricky thing. It’s always going to be relative of course, but that doesn’t really matter, does it? As long as one understands that the evenness and indifference of mind in regards to assigned meaning of infinite vibrations is the key, one may find various methods to strive for such a mind. Discipline.

Along the path of whichever discipline one practices and applies, one can simultaneously play with which vibrations affect them in a “positive way”, that is “I’m moving higher up along the scale”, and which affect them negatively, or “I’m moving lower along the scale”. Keeping in mind that neither is good nor bad, rather one is purely observing different qualities of experience. How can this be sensed? Two words: Emotion + Honesty. That is, one may ask themselves, “What emotions and sensations are produced based upon this instance of vibration?” Then, after assessing the emotions and feelings, one must also verify the level of self-integrity with something like, “Am I being honest with myself about that?” or “What is my truth right now?”

Both evaluating emotions, and doing so honestly are crucial to discovering the vibrational scale relative to one’s being. Humans are easily corrupted, co-opted, conditioned and deluded, both by themselves and others. There’s no shame in it, it’s just the way it is. The mind wants “to know”, and since no mind really “knows”, it will satisfy itself with various sensations in order to create the illusion of “I know” so it can create a sense of security and continuity. Or it will build relationship with others it believes will satisfy the need for security and safety. When the creation of one’s sense of security becomes a prison, that may be a sign that it’s time to investigate the vibrational scale and step out into uncharted territory!

In this sense, the brave exploration of the sea of infinite vibration is a courageous thing indeed. Being in a space of perpetual discovery is a way of being. With it, one might begin to see things never before imagined. Because whether or not that comfortable sense of security has been created for oneself, the actuality of existence is that absolutely nothing is fixed. Nothing is certain. All vibrations are in fact constantly in flux, in relationship relative to one another. Every single moment is change. Every single moment is new. Every single moment is birth. Every single moment is death. The experience of the individual is only a matter of attention.

Which aspect of creation is one focusing upon? Or ignoring? Which vibrations is one attached to, and trying to hold? Which vibrations is one completely unaware of, and therefore lost to?

If, theoretically, one were able to see each individual note in the grand cosmic symphony, while also seeing the entire orchestra in its relationship to one another in every single moment, well then I’d imagine such a person would have the ultimate power to create Heaven or Hell. At will. Based upon the needs of the moment, in relationship to this particular part of the musical composition. In order to keep striving for the most beautiful and awe-inspiring performance.

To get started, obvious things which produce strong effects or experiences in the biochemical system might be easier. Things like alcohol, caffeine, or drugs for instance. When engaging with these vibrations, one might ask themselves the questions mentioned above and discover how their organism moves along the scale based on interacting and having relationship with such things. Think about the short term effects AND long term effects — where does one find themselves vibrating as a result of engaging with x, y, or z? Food works well also. Or intense movies. Or watching the news. Or exercise. Anything which produces an immediate and obvious shift in emotions or sensations will work well to begin investigating.

It’s exciting to discover, how one is constantly being influenced by every single thought, emotion, action, food, beverage, substance, color, smell, interaction, etc. How one’s vibration is constantly moving up or down the scale. Empowering and humbling, to say the least.

Happy travels, fellow shipmates.

Singer/Poet/Writer/Etc. “I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process…”