What does equality mean? Where does this idea come from? This is an important concept to understand. It is written in the American constitution that “All Men are Created Equal”. And while I know this is true, does this mean that all men ARE equal? Is being created equal the same as being equal? I do not believe it is so. All flowers of the same breed are created equal, but they do not express themselves equally. Their expression is dependent upon their environment, and their relationship to it. Trees, birds, fish, stones, everything in the natural world follows this same philosophy. Specific conditions create specific things, all which are the same. But the experiences, environment, and relationships they encounter will affect their expression. Will make them unique.

It is no different with humans.

And this is a wonderful thing, for it makes all of experience more interesting and enchanting. Having so many variations of the same thing brings about the flavors of life. Inspires curiosity and the opportunity to find meaning and understanding. If everything one encountered in the world were exactly alike, there would be no mystery. No curiosity. No enchantment. How boring of a game would that be?

So I often wonder why this idea of equality is championed so fervently. I believe all humans deserve basic human rights, of course. And I feel those rights are fairly obvious to any morally-bound person. But beyond that, if every person were treated equally I believe it would be quite disastrous. If I give the same amount of water to the same breed of flower, one which is exposed to sunlight all day and the other which is mostly in the shade, the shaded flower would perish. The difference in the environment between the two flowers requires different considerations of treatment. Should the flower in the shade foolishly demand as much water as the flower in the sun, it would be a suicidal campaign.

This seems ridiculous as an analogy, but I do not feel it is so far off the mark from how humans behave. I sometimes ask myself if human beings are truly aware of what they need to be happy and healthy. It often seems they do not. They are confused and misguided in their demands and ideologies. They claim they know what they need, but they are not aware of the causal relationship between action and reaction which reverberates throughout all of creation. I myself am aware enough to realize that I cannot grasp the totality of cause and effect. If I could, I imagine I wouldn’t be here on Earth. Something which seems “good” for the one, or even seemingly for the many, is not necessarily good for the whole of creation.

And while everything which is alive on Earth wishes to survive and to thrive, human beings are seemingly of the highest level of conscious awareness. In this, would it not be quite obvious that all of creation is consciously intertwined with our consciousness? That we are all interdependent? Even if it is comprehended by modern man, it is not practiced in his words and actions. Therefore, imbalance will remain and continue reflecting back to human beings until they are able to understand and take right action. Until they are able to fully comprehend the whole of creation. And this starts within the individual. Within his or her own life and own body.

If one does not find him or herself in such a position, why demand anything at all? For demands in ignorance are also in vain. If one does not have right discrimination in them, demands will only serve to perpetuate the state of the ego which suffers. How does all of creation maintain harmony in this? Certainly not at the hands of the ego. It is because of the breath of life that this happens. It is the will of the divine that this happens. It has very little to do with the individual, any more than it has to do with the chipmunk or the honey blossom. It is indifferent to individual needs. Its job is to maintain balance in the collective of the whole of consciousness. In the whole of the cosmos.

How arrogant is the ego which seeks equality. Place equality in a song and see what results. One will not be able to hear anything. It will all blend together and there will be no relationship between sounds. Everything is placed together in perfect harmony so as to all coexist and create a beautiful melody and rhythm. That is how it is done. That is why one enjoys the song at all. Because we can perceive time, we can hear music. Because we can be individual consciousness having an experience, we can have the music of life.

It would be wonderful if all the effort which went towards establishing some kind of idealistic equality was directed at educating individuals in how to better understand themselves. As divine beings. How to understand all of creation, so they could build a relationship with their own inner being. So they could begin to get in touch with who they truly are, and what they truly need. Idealism would organically fall away. The individual consciousness would be realized and celebrated as a fundamental part of the collective experience we are all able to have.

I see so much forcing. So much fitting. So much trying. So much effort.

But I still often fail to understand when I observe this within and without.

…what for?

Singer/Poet/Writer/Etc. “I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process…”